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Designer’s Pens


Technically Accomplished, Finely Crafted. 
Highly Functional 
Writing instruments, 
that qualify Art. 

​Designed in 2013 and in production since 2014, the KRAMA Collection of Pens & Pencils have proven their quality. They are precise, long lasting and durable. They are highly functional writing tools that qualify art. They are technically accomplished and finely crafted. The hexagonal body shape and details are cut like a gem. The surface facets unfold the unique identity of the writing tools, bringing them to life and making them really stand out.


The design, production, and finishing processes are all done in Greece. Precision machined from a solid piece of Brass and/or Aluminum, with minimal use of material, pushing the boundaries of what a CNC milling machine can do. After they are processed to achieve a perfect finish, they are patiently assembled and finished by hand.    

Designed, produced and tested by the Founder Billy Filippaios and the Co-owner Eva Kalogeropoulou. The company incorporates and also large scale metallic constructions. Bill is well known for his expertise and specialization techniques in designing and assembling metallic constructions with no visible joints for achieving the perfect outcome, acquiring over 30 years of experience. Eva has a BSc in Product Design and Engineering as well as an MSc in Interactive Multimedia, with long working experience of over 25 years in London and Athens. 


The collaborative partnership is reflected in the company name Krama Mosaikato Ltd. The term Krama means alloy, a mixture of atoms and a Mosaic of unique and mutually complementary ideas, designs, methods and practices, that have created Krama Mosaikato. The brand is dedicated to delivering quality products and services. 

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