The KRAMA Aluminum A4 Clipboard is designed with round corners and smooth edges and the clip is an integral part of the Clipboard body. A simple push on the handle clip holds papers together and conveys the strength of this Heavy Duty yet stylish tool that will accompany your work for years to come. Simple to use and very light weight combined with refined aesthetics, makes it suitable for long hours use whether at work, in the street or at home.


The KRAMA Aluminum Clipboard is patented for its unique method of merging parts by locking them together under pressure. The final result requires no welding, rivets or glue. Designed in 2013 and in production since 2014, the patented Clipboards have proven their quality. They are precise, long lasting and durable.


60,00 €Price
  • Raw Aluminum Finish.
    Laser Cut.
    Handcrafted Assembly.

    Thickness: 1 mm
    Weight: 140 gr.

    Size: A4