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Push Action Ballpoint Pen is designed to accommodate all G2 & Ballpoint refills. Solid Aluminum Body is truly lightweight. The knurled section gives a perfect ergonomic grip and a truly tactile experience. faceted Push-Button Top helps accommodate the mechanism and the two joint points help replace the Pen Refills.

The initial goal has been to reproduce the feeling, of handling a well made precision instrument. Pencil is the KRAMA’s first writing instrument featuring a round body rather than hexagonal. A captivating piece of engineering, precision milled, pushing the boundaries of what a milling machine can do. After it is processed to achieve its perfect finish, it is patiently assembled and finished by hand.


The KRAMA Push Action Ballpoint Pen is a compact and impressive writing companion, traditional and at the same time fashionable. It is precise, long-lasting, and durable. It is comfortable when using it to make entries in your agenda, write notes, or sign important documents.


95,00 €Price
  • Blue Anodized Aluminium Finish.
    Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminium.

    Precision Milled.
    Handcrafted Assembly.
    137 mm - 14,2 gr

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