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This is the BAUHAUS Special edition Push Action Mechanical Pencil, designed to accommodate a 0.5 MM or 0.7 MM Pencil Lead. The Dark anodized version BAUHAUS 4-color Palletes, with Black body, blue grip section, yellow ring and red top. The Solid Aluminum Body is truly lightweight. The knurled grip section gives a perfect ergonomy and a true tactile experience. The faceted Push-Button Top help accommodate and refill the Pecil Leads.

The initial goal has been to reproduce the feeling, of handling a well made precision instrument. The Pencil is the KRAMA’s first writing instrument featuring a round body rather than hexagonal. A captivating piece of engineering, precision milled, pushing the boundaries of what a milling machine can do. After it is processed to achieve its perfect finish, it is patiently assembled and finished by hand.   


The KRAMA Push Action Mechanical Pencil is a compact and impressive writing companion, traditional and at the same time fashionable. Is precise, long lasting, and durable. It is comfortable when using it to make entries in your agenda, or creating a sketch, designing product, an engineering or architectural drawing.




125,00 €Price
  • Black BAUHAUS 4 Color Palette
    Anodized Aluminium Finish.
    Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminium.

    Precision Milled.
    Handcrafted Assembly.
    129 mm - 11 gr

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