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The Solid Aluminum Ballpoint Pen with TWIST - action mechanism is a compact and truly lightweight writing companion at all important times. The hexagonal body is cut like a gem so a total of thirty six facets define the surface of the pen. Each edge unfolds the unique identity of the Pen. The facets play with the falling light bringing this writing tool to life and making it to really stand out.


The initial goal was to reproduce the feeling of handling a well made precision instrument. The Pen is a captivating piece of engineering, precision machined from a solid piece of Aluminum, with minimal use of material, pushing the boundaries of what a CNC milling machine can do. After it is processed to achieve its perfect finish, it is patiently assembled and finished by hand.


The KRAMA TWIST - action Ballpoint Pen is a compact and impressive writing companion, classic and at the same time fashionable, a significant object in our everyday lives. It offers great performance and easy handling. It is comfortable and offers easy writing whether at home, in the street or at work. It’s distributed and light weight makes it perfectly balanced and suitable for long writing sessions.


Designed in 2013 and in production since 2014, the Twist action Ballpoint Pens have proven their quality. They are precise, long-lasting, durable, and will get their own character over time and use. They are premium and highly functional Ballpoint Pens that qualify art, technically accomplished, and finely crafted.


100,00 €Price
  • Raw Aluminium Finish - Body.
    Powder Coated BLACK Finish - Twist Part.
    Aircraft grade Aluminum.

    Precision Milled.
    Handcrafted Assembly.
    127 mm - 18 gr.

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